Larifari präsentiert:
Die Larifari Vinyl Party Vol 128
die Larifari-Schallplatten-Disco von AC/DC bis ZZ TOP
von Abba bis Zappa von Elvis bis James Brown
DJs: Kai Uwe Krause und Ralf Manthei
Sa 28.09.2024 Bocksaal Leutkirch
Beginn 20 Uhr, Eintritt frei
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Infos zur Musikgeschichte an diesem Tag

Rock'n'Roll History for September 28 th

1963 -

September 28
American Bandstand features The Ronettes performing "Be My Baby" and Bobby Rydell singing "Let's Make Love Tonight".

September 28
Jim Morrison is arrested while attending a Florida State University football game. Police were called after Morrison made a drunken nuisance of himself, but before he could be arrested he stole someone's umbrella and a police officer's helmet from a squad car. He was charged with "disturbing the peace by being drunk," resisting arrest, and petty larceny. He would be arrested five more times over the next seven years.

1967 -

September 28
Frank Zappa and wife Gail have their first child, a daughter they name Moon Unit Zappa.

September 28
Gladys Knight And The Pips' "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" is released in the US, where it would reach #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B chart in November. The record became Motown's best selling record to that point, but would be eclipsed by Marvin Gaye's version of "Grapevine" just over a year later.

1968 -

September 28
The Beatles had not only their biggest hit, but also the largest selling record of the 1960s when "Hey Jude" reached the top of the US charts. The song, written by Paul McCartney for John's son Julian, would stay at number one in America for nine weeks and sell over eight million copies. In 1996, Julian paid 25,000 pounds for the recording notes to the song at an auction.

1970 -

September 28
Eric Burdon And War are awarded a Gold record for their first hit record, "Spill the Wine", which had reached #3 on the Hot 100.

1972 -

September 28
Rory Storm, the leader of one of Liverpool's earliest beat groups, was found dead along side the body of his mother in their home. Storm's death is declared accidental, but officials speculate that his mother took an overdose of sleeping pills after finding his body. Rory Storm And The Hurricanes are most often remembered as the group that Ringo Starr left in 1962 to play drums for The Beatles.

1974 -

September 28
Canadian singer Andy Kim went to #1 on the Billboard singles chart with "Rock Me Gently", his only US chart topper. The record was also a hit in the UK, reaching #2. Along with his recording career, Kim was also a successful composer and was the co-writer of The Archies' "Sugar Sugar".

September 28
A re-release of The Beach Boys' 1963, #3 hit, "Surfin' U.S.A." cracks the Billboard Top 40, reaching #36. It had been over five years since the band had a hit record with "I Can Hear Music", which had reached #24. Unfortunately, the re-issue of "Surfin'" fell out of the Top 40 after just one week and they would have to wait until the summer of 1976 to have another chart entry with "Rock And Roll Music", which would climb to #5.

September 28
Bad Company's self-titled debut album tops the Billboard 200 chart for a one week stay. It would reach #5 in the UK and go on to be certified 5X Platinum by the R.I.A.A. The LP included "Can't Get Enough" (US #5, UK #15) and "Movin' On" (US #19).

1979 -

September 28
Jimmy McCulloch, guitarist with Thunderclap Newman and Wings, was found dead in his flat in Maida Vale, North West London after suffering heart failure. He was just 26.

1991 -

September 28
Garth Brooks becomes the first Country artist to enter the Billboard Hot 200 album chart at number one. His "Ropin' the Wind", a collection of Pop and Country tunes, had advance orders of over 4 million copies.

2000 -

September 28
Barbra Streisand performas her farewell concert at New York's Madison Square Garden.

2005 -

September 28
A Mick Jagger impersonator spent over an hour accepting free drinks and enjoying VIP perks at a New York night spot. Club officials only realized that the man wasn't Jagger after looking at a photo of the Rolling Stones' front man and noticing that the unnamed imposter was younger and heavier than Jagger.

2007 -

September 28
Michael Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, denied that the Pop star had married his children's nanny, Grace Rwaramba. A statement issued to the press read: "Wide-spreading reports regarding Michael Jackson being married are not true. Documents stating otherwise are a hoax." Jackson had already been married twice and had three children, Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II.

2009 -

September 28
Lucy Vodden (nee O'Donnell), the childhood pal of John Lennon's son Julian, passed away at the age of 46 after losing her battle with auto-immune disease lupus. She was the inspiration for The Beatles' track "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", written mostly by John after Julian showed his father a nursery school drawing he called "Lucy - in the sky with diamonds", depicting his classmate.

2010 -

September 28
Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne told the press that her father Ozzy was once banned from her school in England after passing wind and falling asleep in the middle of a parent / teacher interview.

2015 -

September 28
Frankie Ford, whose 1959 hit "Sea Cruise" reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, died of natural causes at the age of 76.

2021 -

September 28
Pete Fullerton, bassist and vocalist for We Five, passed away at the age of 75. The group hit #3 in the U.S. in 1965 with "You Were On My Mind".


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So 31.12.24 Vinyl-Party Vol 131 im Bocksaal die Silvester-Party


Stimmen zur Party

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erstmal ein dickes Lob für die Macher der Vinyl-Parties. Wir freuen uns schon jedesmal drauf.
Ist das eigentlich noch aktuell mit der playlist? Ich dachte, ich probiers einfach mal.
Schöne Grüße aus dem fernen Reichau. Sonja Pröbstl
06.05.12 Hallo Larifari-Team
anbei meine Playliste für dieVinyl-Party am 19. Mai.Vielleicht gibt's nächstes mal weniger von
Dauer-Hardrock + Headbang-Music?
Ich hoffe auf die DJs Ralf + Christoph! Bis dann viele Grüße von Marlies

12.04.12 Hey Leute,

ich finde Eure Vinylparty einfach klasse deshalb hätte ich gern Eure Playlist.
Schon mal danke im voraus. Ich freu mich schon auf Samstag.
Grüsse aus Markt Rettenbach von Inge


AZ Kempten / KW 10
ja so ein Zufall. Seit der ersten Vinyl-Party ziert dieses Cover die
Plakate der Vinyl-Party.
09.03.12 Hardy Pfahl hat an die Pinnwand von „Larifari Vinyl-Party“ geschrieben.
Hardy hat geschrieben: „Cool dass Ihr das macht ! Bin leider in München. Schade.“

Das finde ich eine tolle Möglichkeit, die Wünsche vorher abzugeben!
Viele Grüße Anja Klan

19.02.12 Aktueller Stand der Playlistumfrage: 6 Rückläufer zur Playlist mit 898 Songvorschlägen.
Vinyl-Party 18.02.12 - 20.30 Die Tanzfläche ist bestens gefüllt - der Sound kommt scheint's an -
bis 0.30 bleibt die Tanzfläche gefüllt - Drei Geburtstagskinder bekommen Ihre Hörerwünsche erfüllt.
"Perfect Strangers" (Deep Purple), "Gammy Ray" (Birth Control), "48 Crash" (Suzi Quatro)
und "Locomotive Breath" (Jethro Tull). Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle für die Komplimente
an die DJs.

28.01.12 17:53:14
Hallo liebes Larifari Team,
ich hab mir mal die Mühe gemacht und die SWR Hitparade durchgecheckt - ich hoffe ich kann mich
später noch von meinem Sofa lösen um bei Euch das Tanzbein zu schwingen. Grüße Petra
P.S.: übrigens - Eure Silvesterparty war der Hit!!!
Leserbrief vom 11.01.2012 zur Vinyl-Party vom 31.12.2011